Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nadia's Tomatoes & My New Flickr Page

I have been doing a daily sketch to keep in practice and here is one I want to share.  My friend Nadia posted a photo onto Facebook of her small balcony tomato garden and I thought it'd be a great subject for today's sketch.  Yes, it is November and tomatoes are growing in Tucson (I love a warm climate)!  Before I sketched I envisioned rich juicy watercolors, and I think I got near my vision.  For the background I dropped in French Ultramarine into each pre-wet area and let the color flow.  I dropped in some Lunar Black as well.  The tomatoes are painted with Holbein colors.  Holbein has a color I just love, Permanent Rose (PR60), but I had stopped using it when I read in that that pigment is fugitive.  I should use it more, though, since I love it!  I think it's okay to use it for sketching anyway, don't ya think?

So I have long wanted to be more active in the sketching communities on Flickr, but I was hesitant because I didn't want to mix up my sketching activities with my photography activities.  After all, not all of my photography contacts care to see my sketching photostream, contacts, favorites, etc, and vis versa.  So I decided to create a separate Flickr account for just art, called (of course) "Stacy Creates":