Friday, October 15, 2010

My watercolor journey

I think it was my sister-in-law's beautiful watercolor paintings that inspired me to try it myself back in 2003. I loved the vibrant but subtle color that could only be from watercolor paint. I took my first watercolor class in 2003 at Pima Community College, somewhat hesitantly because I know myself--I tend to really get into a hobby, do it for awhile, then drop it for something else. I was hoping I wouldn't have to commit too much money to this hobby. It was fun, and the spark of my passions ignited. Here is one of my first paintings in that class:

I took 3 semesters of watercolor class from Pima, then decided to go on my own, learning from books, the Internet, and experience. I starting buying quality materials like Daniel Smith paints, Arches watercolor paper, and other good supplies. It was fun! In that period, one of my favorite paintings was one of our beloved Great Dane Flash:

Then something happened. I needed more reference photos, and I needed (wanted) a better camera to take them myself. By then it was 2005 and digital SLR's were creating images nearly comparable to their film SLR counterparts, and I bought a Canon 20D. I became very hooked on photography, and watercolor painting fell to the wayside (as often happens with me). I tried to occasionally paint, but I just wasn't feeling the passion. Not until my passion for photography began to wane, in 2010. I dusted off my palettes and poured through five years worth of new reference material as fodder for new watercolor paintings, and I discovered a passion for pet portrait painting! What a pleasure it is to paint the face of my friend's beloved pet and give it to them! What a pleasure to see a face come alive under my brush! I've rediscovered my passion and I thought I'd start this blog to give it a voice.

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