Sunday, January 8, 2012

Already on Day 30 of my 75-Day Sketch Challenge

I can hardly believe it but I'm already on Day 30 of my 75-Day Sketch Challenge!  I've been really enjoying it and already feeling more comfortable with the process.  Today I was wondering how charging my rubber stamp with watercolors would turn out, so I brushed on some carbazole violet on the stamp and stamped it into my sketchbook (I see I could use improvement in that process!).  So of course after that I had to set up a little still life of the stamp and brush to use as today's subject for the Sketch Challenge:

I find I like putting little color swatches in the bottom of my page so I can later know what colors were used in the creation of the sketch.

I have also been making progress on my Retrospective Trip Journal, slowing going through chronologically illustrating and writing about memories of trips Mark and I have taken since we've been together.  I am working in a 6x9" Strathmore Windpower Watercolor pad, and I've decided to customize the cover a little bit:
I cut a piece of nice 28lb paper and adhered it to the cover with spray adhesive, and wrote a little title in the corner of the cover, inspired by the children's book "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh".

Here are a couple more pages I have completed since my last post:

I of course need to work on drawing people!  I get so intimidated because I know I don't do that well!  I did use guidelines to draw the Mayan pyramid, using a ruler to sight against my photo on the computer screen.

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